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The Farrington Academy of Business (FAB) provides students with a comprehensive look at the various facets of business and industry through integrated courses and hands-on experiences through school, community and industry partnerships. FAB students will develop their communication skills, including interpersonal, written, verbal and job interviewing skills. Students will understand and practice business etiquette, including communication styles, work ethics and attire. Students will also become effective and ethical users of technology.

While in the FAB program, students will be introduced to basic business concepts like the business cycle, laws, accounting equations, customer service and teamwork. They will also understand occupational safety and health practices, participate in community service and take part in job training, internships through community contacts. All students will complete a senior project on a topic of interest to them.

The students will learn valuable business skills for future careers and everyday lives and participate in on and off campus opportunities provided by the FAB industry partners, Sheraton Waikiki Resort and Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union.

The Farrington Academy of Business aims to equip its graduating students with skills for a smooth transition to post-secondary opportunities – higher education, job training, the workforce or the military.

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Student Thoughts (2011-12 Seniors)
  • Sheza: “One of the things I like about FAB are the field trips. We go to places such as banks and hotels. These field trips help us, students, understand more about business related companies, which help us students see actual working places. We learn and have fun at the same time.”
  • Jovelyn: “The things I like about FAB is that during classes we create events. We look for places and get to create things we want to do.”
  • Trey: “In the business academy you will learn a lot of useful things that will help you in life. When you're an adult it is important to keep track of your expenses and accounting will help you with that and the skills you learn in marketing, travel industry management and business management will help you get a job anywhere because everything revolves around business and if you have a degree in business you can get hired anywhere because not every job needs a cook or an engineer but every job needs a person with business experience.”
  • Cedric: “What I like about FAB is how we learned about business and how they work. I like especially when we had interviews for a job so it will get us ready for the real world. FAB is just good practice to have experience for the real world. We had learned about accounting, hotels, airlines, and now getting ready for marketing. We learned in class and also had experiences in the Federal Credit . We had to deal with money especially me because I was a teller. FCU was like a real bank at school, we took deposits, checking or savings and we also had managers, security, tellers and new account members just like the bank. This was fun and this is what I like and learned about business.”
  • Drazen: “With Farrington Academy of Business, I've learned many different things. One of which is pulic speaking. In our business class, we practice our public speaking by doing group projects. This helps us in the future because we also practice for our senior project. We are also critiqued by our fellow classmates in the business academy.”
  • Timothy: “I learned that the business academy teaches you about accounting, maketing, travel industry and it teaches you what you want to know about business. What I like about business academy is that you really learn a lot and have fun. Another thing is that you really learn what is happening in the real world. Also FAB is not just a regular academy, it's an academy where you learn to live rich and it prepares you for your future life and career goal. It puts you in the work field and helps you to become a business person.”
  • Terrysa: “One thing I like about FAB is the fact that I get to learn new things and experience many working tasks. For example, going on field trips, such as job shadowing in two different places, a hotel and a bank. At the hotel, we learned about management and marketing. One marketing strategy I learned is the Funnel Strategy. Also, job shadowing the bank, I got to observe and evaluate, what it's like to work at a bank. But, I'm also happy, because we got to experience running the Hawaii USA Federal Credit. Therefore, FAB is the best.”
  • Jessica: “FAB has been such a great opportunity. I enjoyed being a part of this academy. I gained work experiences and met friends that always makes my day. This academy has impacted my life in many ways.”
  • Shylaine: “One thing that I love about FAB is that we are like family. I love how our academy has a lot of diversity. I learned a lot from learning how to do accounting and learning about hospitality and different occupations in that field.”