Farrington Law & Justice Academy

The Farrington Law & Justice Academy is a two-year program aimed at preparing students for post-secondary studies in careers in law enforcement, legislation, or law practice.

The program is designed to expose students to careers and related issues and skills through integrated courses. They will benefit from field trips and speakers from the legislature, local law firms and law enforcement agencies. They will also tour the state and federal courts and participate in mock trials. Additionally, Law and Justice Academy students will have opportunities to use science skills aquired in their physics and chemistry classes to conduct customized crime scene investigations. In the future, students will have an opportunity to join the Law Enforcement Explorers Program (LEEP).

Aims of the program are to cultivate students who want to contribute to their community and understand the functions of the law. Students will volunteer to serve the community for 30 hours during their two years in the program and complete senior projects on topics which inspire them. Students are also encouraged to participate in the SLAM Poetry club to help enhance public speaking and presentation skills.

Each student in the Law and Justice Academy will develop communication and analytic skills. They will be well-rounded students who understand how the law is designed and be able to advocate for themselves and others. Graduates will be prepared to enter the work force, find further training, go on to higher education or join a branch of the military.