Farrington Culinary Arts

GPS Pathway

The Teacher Academy is a two-year program that prepares students to work in early through secondary education. Students develop and teach lesson plans to students in local elementary and pre-schools. They read to classes in a professional manner, give planned and extemporaneous speeches and write coherent essays. Students shall graduate with the ability to identify, explain and demonstrate various educational theories and methods.

Cadets are truly interested in the teaching field, no matter what grade level will benefit from the integrated courses and hands-on experiences and are expected to come to class every day, effectively use independent work time and work well in groups.

The academy sponsors an Academy Parent Night where teachers and students share what they are working on and have accomplished in the program. Students also participate in community service and complete senior projects related to their interests in the field of education and teaching.

Farrington High School’s Culinary Academy is a two-year program built on academic goals that will introduce students to the food service industry and available careers in the culinary arts. Through class projects and participation in our in-school restaurant, students learn and practice the basic skills and techniques required within the culinary field. Our goal as an academy is to graduate successful students who are prepared to enter culinary and food service professions (both front and back of house), post-secondary education, internships, or apprenticeships.

Students in the Culinary Academy are part of a community of learners taught by instructors familiar with industry standards and requirements. Students are offered opportunities to gain skills and utilize those skills to prepare a variety of food. In addition to career awareness and basic baking and cooking techniques, students also learn about safety and sanitation requirements, entrepreneurship, business skills, and restaurant management skills.

Additionally, students may go on site-visits to various business establishments and institutions, including hotels and culinary training programs, to observe skills taught in class being implemented by industry professionals.

For students interested in applying for the American Culinary Apprenticeship program after high school, the Kapiʻolani Community College (KCC) Culinary Arts Department has agreed to waive the Fundamentals of Cookery and the Safety & Sanitation course requirements for Farrington Culinary Academy students who have successfully applied and demonstrated the competencies of the accrediting commission for the American Culinary Federation Foundation (ACFF).