The Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE) is committed to student use of technology as a tool to support distance learning within the framework of the following usage policy.

Appropriate Use and Handling of HIDOE-owned Digital Devices

Digital devices issued by the school and other HIDOE offices are owned by HIDOE and shall be used for educational purposes only.

The use of HIDOE-owned digital devices is a privilege, not a right. Although the teacher is the primary facilitator who determines appropriate use of technology in the classrooms, it is the responsibility of the students and parents/guardians to ensure that HIDOE-owned digital devices issued to the student are used in accordance with this usage policy. Therefore, students are responsible for the proper care, use, and handling of all HIDOE-owned digital devices.

Device Usage

  • Students will only use digital devices provided by HIDOE for school-related activities.
  • Students will only use the digital device that is assigned to him or her and will not allow other persons (including, but not limited to, parents, guardians, and family members) to use his/her device.
  • Students will not download or install any software on the digital devices; only school- authorized software, applications, etc. shall be installed on HIDOE-owned digital devices.
  • There will be no stickers, ink, or any decorative items added to any of a student's assigned equipment (device, batteries, cords, chargers, etc.).
  • The HIDOE/State and manufacturer's identification tags will not be tampered with or removed.
  • The use of digital movies, games, and on-line game sites is not allowed at any time unless a student's teacher specifically grants such permission.

Device Maintenance

  • Students are personally responsible for the proper care, use, and handling of the device and for knowing where their devices are at all times.
  • If a student's device is not working properly or needs repair (e.g., cracked screen, missing keys, etc.), the student is responsible for promptly taking it to the designated school personnel for repair.
  • Under no circumstances should a student or a student's parent/guardian attempt to repair the device him/herself or take the device to any repair service outside of the HIDOE.
  • lf a student's device is lost or stolen, the student or student's parent/guardian is responsible for generating a police report within 24 hours of discovery, immediately providing the school with documentation of the report, and cooperating fully with any subsequent investigation.

Device Usage Standards based on Department Policies and Rules The following standards are requirements related to HIDOE departmental policies and rules on the use of HIDOE-owned computers, network and the Internet. Students are expected to read and understand the attached policies. Some examples of these standards include the following:

Device Usage

  • Students are forbidden from circumventing security measures on school or remote computers and networks, including changing preferences, removing profiles, or bypassing Internet filtering.
  • Students will not make unauthorized copies of copyrighted or licensed material.
  • Students will maintain the privacy and security of their usernames and passwords.
  • Students will not send unsolicited, commercial or offensive electronic communication (e.g., email, social network postings, etc.).
  • Students are prohibited from using any form of electronic media to harass, intimidate, or otherwise annoy another person or group (cyberbullying).
  • Students will not engage in activities that disrupt other users or infiltrate computer or network security.

Device Maintenance

No Expectation of Privacy HIDOE retains control, custody, and supervision of all HIDOE-owned digital devices, networks and Internet services. HIDOE reserves the right to monitor all computer and Internet activity by students. Students shall have no expectation of privacy in their use of HIDOE-owned digital devices, including email and stored files.

The HIDOE retains the discretion to alert appropriate law enforcement authorities of suspected illegal activity that involves use of the digital devices and is not required to obtain student or parent/guardian consent for such reporting.

Consequences of Violations When a student violates any provision of this policy, all applicable laws and administrative rules shall apply, including but not limited to, HAR, Title 8, Chapter 19, entitled “Student Misconduct, Discipline, School Searches and Seizures, Reporting Offenses, Police Interviews and Arrests, and Restitution for Vandalism.” The HIDOE retains the discretion to determine the appropriate disciplinary action irrespective of whether the violation pertains to a usage standard based on a school rule versus a departmental policy or rule.

In accordance with HAR, Title 8, Chapter 19, disciplinary action may be taken for any prohibited student conduct and the principal or designee shall consider the intention of the offender, the nature and severity of the offense, the impact of the offense on others including whether the action was committed by an individual or a group of individuals such as a gang, the age of the offender, and if the offender is a repeat offender. Interventions to teach students appropriate behaviors will be instituted when disciplinary actions are imposed. Students will also be counseled in addition to any disciplinary action taken.

Pursuant to HAR, Title 8, Chapter 57, entitled “Restitution for Damaged and Lost Books, Equipment, Supplies, and Outstanding Financial Obligations,” a student found to be responsible for the loss, destruction, breakage, or damage of school equipment shall make restitution to the school which may include payment of the replacement value of the digital device.

Digital Device Usage Agreement Form All students and parents/guardians may read and sign the attached agreement form prior to issuance of a HIDOE-owned digital device as part of a distance learning program