Enrollment Procedures – Who May Attend Farrington High School?

  • Students who are living with their parents or legal guardian in the Farrington Complex Area. (Legal guardians must show dated Family Court guardianship papers.)
  • Students who have an approved Geographical Exception to Farrington H.S.
  • Students who are living full-time with someone who has Power of Attorney. (Parents will not be able to claim child as a dependent for tax purposes.)
  • Falsification of any documents will void the enrollment.

What Do You Need ?

*If you are coming from a Hawaii school:
  • Address Verification – Example: 2 utility bills
  • If living in a temporary residence, you need a residence verification form (green) notarized by the property owner/lessee plus a utility bill in their name.
  • Pupil Clearance Form, Transcript & Health Card
  • Students must be released from their previous school and bring all school records given to them upon release.
*If you are coming from another country:
  • TB Clearance Card (needed before any enrollment)
  • Address Verification
  • Immunization Records, Physical
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport with Alien Number and VISA stamp
  • Official Transcript of grades and report card from previous school(s)