Electronics Policy

Consequences For Misuse of Electronics

1st Step
Verbal warning from teacher. Signs are posted in every classroom and the policy is available in the student planner.

2nd Step
If a student is caught a 2nd time, the electronic device will be taken to the Principal’s Office. In order to retrieve the device, the student must accompany his/her parent or guardian after school before 4:00 pm to pick it up. At this time, both student and parent will be informed of the consequences for a 3rd offense and sign the acknowledgement form.

3rd Step
If a student is caught a 3rd time, the electronic device is confiscated and sent to the Principal’s Office. An appointment is made with Principal (designee) and disciplinary actions are taken on the grounds of Chapter 19 data: Class C Offense. DOE Prohibited Conduct: Insubordination.