Teen Center

Farrington Teen Center Vision
Our students, our families,
Learning, healing and growing together,
The Farrington Way.
Farrington Teen Center Mission
All young people deserve a quality education – a fair opportunity for growth and success, whatever the challenges in their lives. We at the Teen Center provide professional social work services, striving toward sustained peace and harmony in our Farrington High School community.

Building J, Room 278
(808) 305-5178 • (808) 305-5179

What is the Farrington Teen Center?
The Teen Center is a place where students, parents, teachers or anyone in the Farrington community can get help. It is part of the Counseling Department, and is currently staffed by two social workers.

What kind of help does the Teen Center provide?
The staff provides individual counseling, support groups, mediation, classroom presentations, consultation and other services. They also facilitate the Peace Council, in collaboration with Adult Friends for Youth; and run a Gay-Straight Alliance Program.

Who works at the Teen Center?
Two social workers, Alison Colby and Gwen Murakami, staff the Teen Center.

What are the credentials and educational backgrounds of the staff?
The social workers have Master’s degrees in social work.

Where is the Teen Center?
It’s in Building J, room 278, the first door on the second floor. The door is closed because it is air conditioned, but anyone is welcome to come in!

Who can go to the Teen Center?
Anyone can go to the Teen Center. Students sometimes come in on their own; more often they are referred by counselors, teachers, staff, friends or family members. Parents are welcome to come to the Teen Center for help as well.

When is the Teen Center open?
The Teen Center is open weekdays, from 7:15 a.m. – 4:15 p.m., except on state holidays. The staff works year-round, so the Teen Center is open during the summer and on school breaks, like Fall, Winter and Spring Breaks.

A Brief History of the Farrington Teen Center
The Teen Center is a remnant of a program which goes back many years. In 1969, the program was started in Farrington and Waiʻanae as “Quick Kokua” and was staffed by directors, social workers, nurses, employment counselors, clerical staff and aides. In 1984, Quick Kokua merged with another program and was renamed the “School to Work Transition Center”, under the State Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (DLIR). This program expanded to other high schools with the career-employment – but not the social work or health – components. Farrington and Waiʻanae remained the only two high schools with these services. In 1995, facing imminent cuts by the DLIR, a tremendous showing of support from the Farrington and Waiʻanae High School communities convinced the State Legislature to fund and later move the program to the Department of Education. At Farrington, the social workers and nurse became the Teen Center, while the career-employment counselors became the School-To-Work office. Today, the Farrington Teen Center strives to remain true to its roots by providing holistic services for any Farrington student in need of help.