Our Stories Matter IG: @crowdofktown


Sherman Alexie once stated, “I firmly believe in the power of stories to change the world, and I firmly believe in the power of one story to change one life at a time. I see it all the time with my work.”

Using this bold statement as an impetus, our class went on a journey to discover why we tell stories and why we share them publicly. We concluded that we tell stories: to carry culture, to relate to and connect with others, to avoid repeating history, to remember our ancestors, to change perspectives, to comfort and help those that are struggling, to celebrate our origins, to entertain, and to heal ourselves.

With many of the above purposes in mind, we extracted oral stories from our caretakers and other family members through interviews and crafted them in the style of those on the blog Humans of New York.

Because we believe that our stories matter and that they have power, we are sharing them publicly for you to enjoy on our Instagram site: crowdofktown.

We hope that you will enjoy these stories about cherished members of the Kalihi community and that our stories will inspire you to tell your own.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

–Ms. Ritti’s 2017 9th Grade English classes